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Cricket · Calidad por naturaleza
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Quality naturally

The ‘Nature’ of
our produceCricket contigo desde siempre
The development of CRICKET's produce is based in the needs of the most demanding consumers.


Our aim is to offer high quality produce and to deliver them in the best possible conditions so that they preserve all the freshness and flavour.

The most important asset our company has is the people who work here. Highly-qualified professionals who are totally committed and they give an added value to their work: our customers’ trust in our produce. They are always on our minds.




The best technology
at your serviceCricket contigo desde siempre
CRICKET’S produce will take advantage of the ‘best technology’ ever: Nature.


The climate and the rich soil of Murcia have made this area the region with the highest and the best production of fruit and vegetables in Europe and it has attained worldwide recognition.

We trust Nature… and there lies our success: the unique flavour of all our produce. If what is good is also natural, that is even better! We use state-of-the-art technology for our crops and by doing this we make sure that we can supply and deliver our produce throughout the year keeping the expected high standards: mechanized farms, advanced traceability systems, management and control of all the activities processes, modern handling systems, etc. Our aim: ‘to cultivate’ your safety.


developmentCricket contigo desde siempre
All our actions are aiming at the development of sustainable agriculture.


Our current and future projects are based on the principles of respect for the environment, ecology and health issues, as well as energy efficiency and the preservation of natural resources.We have implemented health and safety policies for both, our employees and our customers as well as recycling processes, the optimization of water resources and the preservation of the local plants and wildlife. These are some of the actions that we are carrying out to preserve our habitat; after all it belongs to us all but most of all, we must hand it over to the next generation.Water is a scarce resource. We have drip irrigation systems that optimize the use of this resource and we DO NOT use wastewater. We also have a huge infrastructure to collect rain water



Cricket: Calidad avalada por distintos organismos
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